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We supply and install thermal, cooling, acoustic and fireproof insulation for industrial and commecrical constructions all over the world. Our insulation team adds value and energy efficiency.

Industrial Constructions

An important business sector, where we work with insulation for temperatures ranging from -50° C to + 2000° C, such as insulation for hot water systems, cooling equipment, steam equipmentand various types of acoustic insulation. We focus on piping systems and various fittings, boilers, heat exchangers or transfer stations using mineral wool, fibre glass and a variety of ceramic fibres, polyethylene, rubber insulation materials.

Commercial Constructions

Insulation in commercial buildings helps creating acoustically sound environments, where building occupants can take advantage of a relaxing, peaceful space – or turn up the volume without disturbing others. Fiber glass and mineral wool insulation give commercial buildings an edge by achieving a high level of sound control between interior rooms, between ceilings and floors, and from outside sources.

Technical Insulation

  • fireproof insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • restrict heat loss / cold loss
  • insulation of piping systems and facilities carrying media
  • steam condensation insulation

Industrial Insulation

  • central eating systems insulation
  • underground systems, above-ground pipe systems & fittings
  • exchangers, heating channels, boilers and boiler accessories
  • fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators
  • reactors & special devices

Do you have your project in 3D?

We are dexterous with projection softwares for all engineering purposes, such as visualization of objects through CAD software into 3D. Simply send us your project and we will get a quote for you.

Fittings & Pipes & Systems

Insulation helps creating acoustically sound environments, which is critical for big industrial constructions. We are aware of it, and therefore we use the highest quality insulation material.

This is how we work

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Always Online

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Project Scope

First, we determine and document a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines.


Once we agree on it, it’s time to work. Assigning tasks to team members and dealing with the day-to-day business.

Control & Close

The project isn’t over once the deliverables have been delivered. Monitoring, signing and archiving.

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